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Eliminate all termites by biochemistry mean :

Termite is different from other insects for their "social" aspect of the termitary. King, queen termites assume reproduction function, do not get out of the termitary for food, we usually see labor and soldier termites. If we just kill these termites, we never eliminate them at every root. There’s in the termitary a large group of termites as the queen continues to reproduce.

Eliminating termites should be understood as destruction of the entire termitary including king and queen termites in order to eliminate them at every root. Eradication is just done by that way.

It’s complex to look for termitary in building, warehouses. It’s only simple to find out the termitary of "dry wood" termites. Termitary of this these termites are found right in the wood that is punched into zigzag slots used as feed and shelter. It’s shown that termites extrude their feces like sand particle out the termitary, so they are also called "sand pile" termites.

There are also other specie of termite including house termites, their termitary is located most under house floor, inside panel, auxiliary termitary can appears in wall corners, on ceilings.

would like to introduce radical measures to eliminate all termites by bio-chemical method created by Dr. Nguyen Chi Thanh – Vietnam Institute of Forestry Science and his colleagues have studied with success.

Advantages of this method:

Without digging works, minimizing pollution but for maximum efficiency.

Eliminating termites at every root with biochemistry method includes 3 steps:

- Lure

- Spraying chemical

- Clean and check for results

Step 1- In areas where there are emerging destructive termites, we place lure boxes with wood added with seducing substance placed inside to attract termites getting in the box, luring time is 08-10 days.

Step 2/ then, spray PMC 90 in powder form on the termites in the box, with this special treatment substance, it does not kill immediately termites. Termites once infected with chemical, go back to the termitary, but soldier termites have the ability to detect strange smell, prevent infected termites from getting in the termitary, but with thousands and thousands of termites back to the termitary, then no one force can stop them. Because of this characteristic, at a project, it’s to spray on lure box as well as termites’ exit points on the same period.

After being infected, they are unable to identify their fellow creature, so soldier termites often bite termites blocking the way. They die in the nest. Instinctively, healthy termites will bright carry dead body to throw next to the nest, but only a number of dead termites are moved to the corner of nest. From the center of nest, termites issue signal to withdraw the troops, while termites looking for food outside despite not being sprayed also fall back to the nest, only some soldier termites stay, but solider termites can not eat the wood by themselves and they should die 6-7 days later for starving, but first of thirst. At wet locations, soldier termites cannot stay alive for more than 15 days.

- Step 3: Collect, clean, lure box and check for the results

Based on the above characteristics, we can check for the results of termite elimination. Just check positions not being sprayed with chemicals, their road is dry, only soldier termites are at the point of death or dead dry is satisfactory. If 10 days from the spray, it’s unsatisfactory when we still see labor termites going on feeding with soldier termites.

Termitary has its own ecological balance. When there is a large body rotting in the termitary, the ecological balance is disrupted, saprophytic fungi grows, making termitary system destroyed completely.

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